The next features to expect in WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the leading instant messaging services, prepares its future. Its beta channel provides a glimpse of future application enhancements.

The application star instant messaging WhatsApp what she was talking about this week not to its new features, but for financial unstoppable argument: as of this year, the app gives up its subscription system (0, 89 euro per year or 0.99 dollar) for a transition to a completely free model. In fact, it does not change much, since there are very few mobile users to have to pay their annual tribute to WhatsApp, clearly not a stickler for this mode of monetization.

However, the title of which Facebook owns not abated in terms of tests to integrate future updates. The most motivated can also try these options become by joining the beta of the application channel. Which provides access, with some advance, some of the features that are to be integrated into the mainstream version of the service, at least if these trials are successful. The key, which can be expected to enter service in the coming months.

Encryption end to end

This option and unearthed the end WhatsApp beta parameters bottom by a user of the application (which of course has published its screenshots on Google+), in its version 2.12.413 and on a smartphone ROOTE only. Encryption end to end on WhatsApp, that is to say from the phone to the sender and the recipient’s, was the subject of rumors in recent months, and it therefore finds that is at least the subject of work in the WhatsApp development team. It also offers users who test the display in their conversations (written and spoken) an indicator showing whether they are encrypted from end to end.

Note that if the option is implemented in the final version of WhatsApp is great news for the security of data exchanged, as theoretically “WhatsApp and third parties” can not see. Instead, she just signs the late WhatsApp customers in the crosshairs of service for months.

The sharing of information with WhatsApp Facebook

No surprise, since Facebook bought WhatsApp two years ago, the latest beta of WhatsApp offers an option, located in the account settings. Dubbed “Share my account info” (share my account information), it aims to provide data related to the social network WhatsApp “to improve your Facebook experience.” If you have refused to provide such network audit your phone number, so better be worth ensuring that this option will remain disabled.

The video conversations

We talk since the end of last year, as a logical evolution of WhatsApp Messenger, since March 2015 that includes voice calls. The app, in the previous version of the beta (dated December 2015) showed, after a German user of its beta for iOS, a video calling system for FaceTime. The feature would be based not only on WiFi, but occasionally also on the mobile network of the user.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 enfilerait also the Batman mask

Like the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy Note 7 would also declined in a version “Injustice Edition” in the colors of Bat Man of DC Comics, Batman.

In May, Samsung presented a version of its Galaxy S7 edge designed in partnership with Warner Bros. Scheduled to promote the game Injustice: Gods Among Us, the smartphone sported the Batman logo and a dedicated theme using the colors of the Black Knight with a wallpaper of the Bat Man and modified icons. It seems that this collaboration is always rigorous and another phone of the South Korean brand is entitled to the same treatment soon.

On Weibo, China’s largest social network, a member posted photos of a Galaxy Note 7 in the colors of billionaire superhero. Like the S7 edge, the device disclosed here is black and wears her back to the logo of the secret identity of Bruce Wayne in gold. Its software part was also changed accordingly with images related to the DC Comics universe, both on the desktop and in the menus and icons darker than usual.

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For now, Samsung has not confirmed this model, but it is anyway very likely so that it is not intended for the French territory. Indeed, the special edition of Galaxy S7 edge is output in some countries, including China, South Korea, Singapore and Russia. Pity.

Tips: Sony SmartBand 2-69 euros instead of 129 euros

If you are looking for a connected strap with heart rate sensor and to receive your notifications, the Sony SmartBand 2 currently has a substantial promotion, which allows to get to 70 euros.

While sunny days come back, you’re thinking of handing you the sport, and a tracker of activities you find useful for improving your motivation? There are bracelets connected type Xiaomi Mi Band 1S, at very low prices, which will fill this office. However, there is also the Sony Smartband 2 from Sony, with a heart rate sensor, at very good prices at the moment: it cost 69 euros instead of 129 euros.



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Tips: The Meizu M2 at 94 euros, offered with headphones

Among the few smartphones currently available for less than 100 euros, there is a small model quite respectable, about 94 euros: the Meizu M2, aged less than a year and sympathetic design.

While the M3 has just been made official in China, and its international version is looming for France by the end of summer, the Meizu M2 is currently at good prices. It is especially in CDiscount found the device initially charged 179 euros at its output last year. Today it is possible to get to 93.26 euros.




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The smartphone has a HD screen 5 inches, a MediaTek SoC 1.3 GHz and a 13 megapixel camera (without support of the band 800 MHZ 4G), is currently charged 123.26 euros. However, until tomorrow included a refund offer provided by Meizu provides 30 euro discount on the device (details here). A pair of headphones Meizu EP-21 are also provided with the phone, proposed in its white version.

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The Samsung Gear VR has a million monthly users

According Oculus, the Samsung Gear VR would be used by a million people a month, proof if it is virtual reality finds its audience curious.

At an event in San Francisco, Max Cohen, head of the mobile division at Oculus, gave very promising figures for the future of virtual reality. Indeed, the man confirmed that the Gear VR, in partnership with Samsung, has been used by over a million users last month.

However, Max Cohen not talking about sales figures, but only users. We must therefore put these results, which may vary if helmets are used with many mobile or not, since these data are recorded from phones connecting to a Gear VR.

But users should now become a regular for this virtual reality helmet, the latest version is trading for about 100 euros, and that was as much distributed in a pack including the Samsung Galaxy S7.

And the goal of manufacturers is indeed democratize virtual reality. One also used by Google technology, which offers a very economical approach to the subject with her Cardboard. We should also have a new version at the Google I / O 2016. It should also know that it is Google who developed the application Tilt Brush that we could try when testing the HTC Vive.

Tips: The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is 379,90 euros

If you want a high-end smartphone in a compact and affordable, this is a good plan that might interest you: Best Buy offers promotion on the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact to 379.90 euros instead of 449, 90 euros.

At that price, the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact almost joined the exclusive circle of smartphones around 350 euros as the OnePlus One while providing additional elements, starting with its seal and a little design work. The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is available for 379.90 euros for 24 hours (24 February 11:59) by adding the code TOPMOB5 end of the order.

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The UFC-Que-Choisir reports on competition from operators in France

The consumer association UFC-Que-Choisir has put online a huge report on the prices charged by operators in France. The association will show that the arrival of Free has a lot of good for consumers and is concerned about a potential return to three players.

The UFC-Que-Choisir published a long report on the state of the market for mobile telephony in France since the arrival of Free. And the consumer association did not hide his satisfaction: while in 2010, prices for mobile communications were 25% more expensive in France than in the rest of Europe, in 2014 prices are now half higher than in neighboring countries. UFC-Que-Choisir also wrote in his report that “Free freed consumers.”

To support the facts, UFC-Que-Choisir piled tons of numbers and data. We learn that at the end of last year, nearly 43.9% of subscribers had an offer without commitment. This is twice more than in January 2012 and the trend is expected to increase further in 2014. “The” no commitment “should become the rule in 2014,” writes the UFC-Que-Choisir. Evidence that consumers have not hesitated to go in the competition, 13 million telephone numbers were ported from one operator to another between late 2011 and late 2013.

This upsurge of the subscriber number without commitment is good news. Looking more closely packages with commitment and phone subsidy, UFC-Que-Choisir notes that the term subsidy is a bit overused, especially on entry level phones. UFC-Que-Choisir took three phones (Nokia Lumia 520, Galaxy S4 Mini and iPhone 5S) and compared the prices of phones with and without package with commitment. Not surprisingly, it is more expensive to take a terminal with a fixed 24-month bare terminal with a package without commitment. The additional cost varies between 16% and 50% depending on whether one takes an entry phone or upscale.

These two factors – the decline in package with commitment and decrease the number of subsidized device packages – have drastically reduces the bill of the consumer in recent years. This has decreased on average by 30% over the last four years, from 24.1 euros to 16.9 euros. UFC-Que-Choisir has calculated that in the end, these price drops have allowed the French economy of around 7 billion euros.

Purple curve recorded average prices for each quarter since the end of 2011. In orange, the stock price means such that it would have evolved if Free had not arrived on the market, according to Consumers Union.

As for the possible social impact would have caused this competition, the association cut short alarmist arguments: “Employment in the sector has increased since 2012 and released purchasing power is likely to have created 50,000 jobs in all sectors confused. The impact on public finances is rather beneficial and that the income of operators in perspective in terms of market saturation. ” In fact, and as noted by ZDNet rightly, it is unclear where UFC-Que-Choisir out these figures. They do not exactly correspond to reality.

The last point of this study concerns the future operators. The Consumer Association is wary indeed of future mergers. If the redemption SFR by Numericable will keep four players in the market operators, UFC-Que-Choisir fears for the future of Bouygues Telecom judge it now too fragile to stay in such a competitive environment. “Today there is no longer question of holding forth on the four operators, but to set the conditions for a return to three that bad company would be detrimental to consumers.” And take the example of Austria, which had a return in 2013 to 3 operator and a joint rising prices by 10% in one quarter.

To avoid this nightmare scenario, UFC-Que-Choisir recommends two things. She asks one hand to ARCEP and the Competition Authority “to position itself in the short and medium term with regard to the restructuring of the sector, including setting any conditions to safeguard a intensity of competition serves consumers. ” In other words, to ensure that prices are still too low even if the market returns to three operators. On the other hand, she asks “to lower in the shortest possible time the wholesale tariffs charged by network operators to MVNOs to direct them to the real costs, that MVNOs can play the role of market agitators” . Specifically, to give more weight to the MVNO by lowering prices applied by operators to the virtual operators.

? Tips: The Huawei Mate S to 383 euros (instead of 649 to its release)

This is not a bad phone, but it is clear that at its launch, the Huawei Mate S was displayed at a price far too high. A complaint we can no longer do it, thanks to an immediate reduction combined with a refund offer.

Huawei Mate S

383 euros. It is at this price you can now offer a Huawei Mate S, instead of 649 euros it originally cost. This price is actually in a promotion by Amazon that displays the smartphone to 483 euros in its gray color. Expect a few coins more for its champagne version, labeled 490 euros, but a much higher price for the S pink Mate, always charged 614 euros.

At this initial price, you can remove 100 euros with a refund offer provided by Huawei, and valid until June 30 (details here). Finally, the gray Mate S returns to 383 euros, and champagne pass version to 390 euros.



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The Huwei Mate S, released a few months before the Mate 8, is based on a slightly more compact, since features a 5.5 inch screen AMOLED technology and a Full HD. The smartphone features a SoC Kirin 935 is also equipped with 3 GB of RAM and, in the version relevant here, provides 32GB of storage and a microSD slot. picture side, count on a 13-megapixel camera on the back and a sensor 8 million facade points.

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? Tips: The Motorola Moto E 4G to 75 euros, its best price

Regularly proposed in the framework of flash sales on Amazon, the Motorola Moto E 4G is typically charged a little over 85 euros. It comes down to 75 euros with a refund offer.

Until the release of the Moto Z is a Moto smartphone in the Antipodes upscale found today at great prices. The Motorola Moto E is indeed proposed, with an immediate reduction to 95.47 euros, the price at which we must subtract 20 euros with a refund offer. The smartphone and passes to 75.47 euros, the highest price for this time of entry terminal, now under Marshmallow. Note that the ODR is valid until 19 June (details here).



Moto E 4G

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The Moto E 4G, remember, is an entry level smartphone with a qHD screen of 4.5 inches, powered by a Snapdragon SoC 410 and has an 8 GB storage space. A terminal very admissible extra, especially since it has been updated to Marshmallow.

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? Tips: NVIDIA Shield Android TV to 159.9 euros instead of 199.9 euros

The best Android TV box takes advantage of an offer that should involve more than one immediate promotion of 40 euros on Amazon.

This is the best box on Android TV, it offers excellent performance and the différentiants services. It is for example possible to broadcast these PC games on his TV, but also to enjoy a cloud gaming offers the most generous at present. With 40 euros for immediate reduction is the best deal of the moment for the 16GB version.

NVIDIA Shield Android TV (16 GB) to 160 euros



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