? Tips: Chromecast 2 + movie at 25 euros

PriceMinister relaunches its promotional offer for obtaining, with a rented movie on VoD via its Wuaki.tv service, Chromecast 2 to less than 25 euros. A savings of $ 15 on the menu.

Updated August 16, 2016: The offer “Pan” is no longer available, but PriceMinister offers the same offer at the same price, with the film Conjuring, in HD. The promotion is available at this address.

This is one of the flagship offerings of PriceMinister, which regularly raise the formula. It is therefore possible to obtain a Chromecast 2 and a film to 24.99 euros at the online retailer. To do this, we must really praise the Pan film (in HD for 48h) via the VoD service Wuaki.tv, triggering receiving a discount code by email. This enables control Chromecast 2 free on the Google Store, even as the accessory typically costs 39 euros.

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The offer is valid in the stocks, until 30 August. The opportunity for those who are not equipped to test cost a particularly convenient HDMI key for streaming content on the big screen. A product successful that Google says have sold in 30 million copies since its release.

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