? Tips: Nexus 5X is only 259 euros

It’s now a classic promotional offers. Google Nexus 5X, designed by LG, is among the regulars promotions, and can be acquired for less than 300 euros, which is not disturbed by an internal storage space limited to 16 GB. This is indeed the the smartphone version is currently offered at 259 euros.

To receive a Nexus 5X to 259 euros, is simple: the smartphone is currently on sale for 269 euros which you can deduct 10 euros by inserting the code “FAN10” in your shopping cart. The smartphone, in white or black is therefore up to 259 euros, but have the defect of being available only in 15 days.



Nexus 5X

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It is no longer the Nexus 5X, a reference for those who wish not too great smartphone – its Full HD screen measuring 5.2 inches – and successful. It has indeed a Snapdragon SoC 808 backed by 2GB of RAM, and a good 12.3-megapixel camera. Recall that at its release in fall 2015, the Nexus 5X cost more than 400 euros …

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