? Tips: The Freebox TV and mobile option reduction to 1.99 euro per month

Free did not let it, yet has launched a promotion on the site Vente-Privée. The opportunity to find there, as often, a Freebox formula Crystal less than 2 euros, compatible with traditional reductions for mobile plans.

It’s a surprise that offers Free sale, which is not expected in this area, a few months after its last private sale. The ISP indeed offers its Freebox Crystal (ADSL) to 1.99 euro per month, including subscription to the TV option usually charged separately: all well costs 1.99 euro monthly, instead of 31.98 euros (1.99 euro from TV option). This promotion is valid for a 12 month saves thirty euros for a year. After this period, the formula returns to its usual price. Note that canceling, Free as always charge 49 euros, which are usually repaid by the ISP that hosts you.

Good news also as part of this promotion, promotion Freebox Crystal also supports the reduction usually applied to packages of Free Mobile. Understand that in the event of subscription, you can opt for a package at EUR 0 (instead of 2) or 15.99 euros (instead of 19.99 euros). These are not binding. Note that the private sale will end on March 12, at 8am.

See offer Free on Vente-Privée