? Tips: The Huawei Mate S to 383 euros (instead of 649 to its release)

This is not a bad phone, but it is clear that at its launch, the Huawei Mate S was displayed at a price far too high. A complaint we can no longer do it, thanks to an immediate reduction combined with a refund offer.

Huawei Mate S

383 euros. It is at this price you can now offer a Huawei Mate S, instead of 649 euros it originally cost. This price is actually in a promotion by Amazon that displays the smartphone to 483 euros in its gray color. Expect a few coins more for its champagne version, labeled 490 euros, but a much higher price for the S pink Mate, always charged 614 euros.

At this initial price, you can remove 100 euros with a refund offer provided by Huawei, and valid until June 30 (details here). Finally, the gray Mate S returns to 383 euros, and champagne pass version to 390 euros.



Mate S

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The Huwei Mate S, released a few months before the Mate 8, is based on a slightly more compact, since features a 5.5 inch screen AMOLED technology and a Full HD. The smartphone features a SoC Kirin 935 is also equipped with 3 GB of RAM and, in the version relevant here, provides 32GB of storage and a microSD slot. picture side, count on a 13-megapixel camera on the back and a sensor 8 million facade points.

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