? Tips: The Nvidia Shield Android TV from 160 euros, with available remote

Nvidia has extended its Black Friday offer in France. Today, the Android-box console sees its price fall of 40 euros and the remote control is offered. The exclusive games to the Android console also benefit from promotions.

Nvidia Shield Android TV is out there just a few weeks in France and already has its first cuts. Throughout the day next Friday, Nvidia is poised indeed to offer attractive discounts offers on its Android TV box. The console, either version 16 GB or 500 GB, has indeed 40 euro discount and the remote control, a value of 54.99 euros, will be offered. It is therefore up to 159.90 or 259.90 euros depending on the version. This offer is valid only at the following merchants







To accompany this discount offer, exclusive to Android games Nvidia devices are also entitled to promotions. From now until November 29, 8 games are entitled to 50% discount. It is essentially PC game portages on Nvidia Shield devices. Are concerned, Doom 3, Contrast, Half Life 2, Half Life 2 Episode One and Episode Two, the excellent Pix The Cat, the largely unknown Q.U.B.E. and finally the first Portal. Games that can be found between 4.39 and 8 euros and also run well on Android Shield TV that the recent Shield Tablet K1.

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All good plans for Black Friday

Recall finally we now consider the Nvidia Shield as the best Android TV Android TV box of the moment. Not only this Android console is the most powerful of the market (but also most expensive), but it allows more of its streamer PC games and to access a streaming of games.