? Tips: The Pebble time from 107 euros

So young but renowned for its independence, Pebble Time today enjoys a substantial promotion, since it is available just above the 100 euros.

Pebble essentially about him for future connected objects, being funded on Kickstarter. But his early works, namely the various versions of his watch Time, are still on sale and, despite their pretty radical design, are not devoid of interest. Initially outputs to 249 euros, we thus find the Time in white versions, black and red on sale, between 107 and 111 euros, all on Amazon. Beware, they are available in only a few copies in each color.




Buy 62 €


To remember in this watch-platform connected, e-ink screen giving it an autonomy of several days and obviously receiving most of the smartphone notifications. A device accents very “geek” to reserve for customization lovers.

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