? Tips: The shield portable TV + 500GB + joystick remote Shield Remote 299 euros

The housing Android TV Nvidia, the Shield Android TV is available for a few days on promotion. It is thus provided with a remote control Remote Shield, offered.

Update June 17: At Materiel.net is the best deal yet found, because the Android shield portable TV 500GB, with its base, and joystick remote control appears to 299.89 euros up ‘July 10. Bonus three month subscription offered to the WRC chain.

See Android Shield TV in Materiel.net

Nvidia currently offers rebates on its Android TV boxes, with which it offers a Remote Shield offered. The latter, charged with various retailers between 50 and 60 euros, and is provided at no additional cost with versions 16 and 500GB housing Android TV. So count 199.90 euros for the 16 GB unit with its joystick and remote control, and 349.94 euros for the Pro version with 500 GB of storage. The promotional offer is valid without coupon or promotional code, until 19 June.



Shield (Android TV)

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Recall that the Shield is an animated Android TV box by a SoC Nvidia Tegra X1 and notably allows to stream video games via the GeForce Now service, but also to play 4K videos. A complete machine we also tested at the end of last year.

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