Sony Ericsson Z555i: test and review

The bling bling style is not confined to political leaders and other rappers from the West Coast. Parity requires, the ladies also have the right to enjoy the charm of so subtle hast thou seen technology. Its facade diamond effect as flashy a zircon, the Sony Ericsson Z555i will meet the aesthetic expectations of a female customer in lack of distinction. Available in pink and black, this phone is all about the precious stone look and function “gesture control” that is sure to impress girlfriends. Wave your hand above the moving and elegant gesture of coming and going you can silence the alarm or stop the ringing of a call.

This brilliant fa├žade is also equipped with a small OLED display who will display some information such as the caller’s name, network quality, the battery status, missed calls or piece of music to ‘listening.

Under the sparkling dress Z555i found a rather disappointing mobile. The Data Connection will be made with the older EDGE and 1.3 megapixel camera to seem outdated. Although it does not target mobile techies, it’s still a little light! Our main regret is the screen. With a diagonal of 1.9 inches, it is really too small and it is far from occupying all available space on the valve. To temper the criticism, we can always highlight its competitive price which makes it the cheapest of the “fashion phone”. The Z555i remains a phone with a little “cheap” finishes and the sweet exterior hides outdated features.

Gesture control can be useful in managing a backhand and the alarm ringing, but we would have preferred the original function to be extended to control the music for example. Concerning the music precisely, the Z555i is doing pretty good. With a Memory Stick Micro M2 slot to host your pieces, compatibility with the Bluetooth A2DP for wireless headphones and an FM tuner, it will meet the expectations of Madame.

phone design and inexpensive, the Z555i disappoints by its anemic functionality and outdated equipment. His aptitude for music will fill the “Fashion Lady” not too demanding and gesture control seems to be an interesting gadget. If the appearance of gemstone for you and you are looking for a basic phone, the Z555i could be for you. The others may abstain …