Sony MEX-1GP: test and review

A car radio as a removable memory … The concept may sound wacky, but it allows the MEX-1GP Sony car stereo to fill in MP3 or WMA files from a PC and then read the 200 extracts music that can hold its detachable faceplate. The latter embarks indeed 1GB memory. To do this, it is first of all connected with a cable to the USB port front of a PC. Then the EzRecover software compatible with Windows XP or 2000, takes over for file transfer. Once the facade replaced on the car radio, the transition from one album to another is done very simply through GP keys / Album on the front panel of the MEX-1GP. Furthermore, Sony’s device recognizes musical excerpts formats Atrac Atrac 3 and 3 Plus burned to CD using the Sonic Stage software (2.0 or higher recommended).

This unit with a power 4×52 watts also boasts a beautiful dynamics and excellent reception quality. It incorporates a feature called “BBE MP” which enhances compressed music excerpts of sound reproduction in MP3 and WMA formats. The result, impressive, gives the impression of not hearing the same song.

Sober and very aesthetic, the MEX-1GP glows blue keys on the keypad and has a well-read display. We did not however benefit from strong sunlight during testing. The ergonomics have been well thought out. Some keys seem a bit small but identification will come with time.

Access to functions is quick and dedicated keys for some commands, such as the equalizer, are sufficient. The latter, according to the number of consecutive pressures to adjust the bass, mids and highs (changeable between -10 and +10 dB in 1 dB), just like the equalizer. A small remote is even provided. Properly done, it shows the main functions of the car radio.

The rear panel hosts an input to receive an additional source as an optional disc changer that adjoins the two outputs for additional amplifiers. Finally, on the right, the bus takeover for the CD changer jack alongside the steering wheel remote controller, undelivered. It will be possible to connect a power antenna. The connection is rather full. A critical issue still to this radio: too small characters that appear on a few keys.