Special Back: The office suites

Difficult to do without office suite, even in a non-professional context .. But it is easier to fit without breaking the bank. Thus, OpenOffice, free product, integrates word processing, spreadsheet, database manager and a presentation tool. Google Docs & Spreadsheets to date includes a word processor and a spreadsheet. It is especially an online service, with the advantage to access their applications and documents from any computer connected to the Internet … and the disadvantage of hosting on a server protected documents from simple word past.

Works Suite 2006 is more family oriented, since it includes Word, spreadsheet, an encyclopedia, a software and route calculation for example. These suites are less comprehensive and costly month well as Office 2007, but they do not recognize the new document formats of Microsoft Office Suite. Finally, on the Mac, iWork ’08 consists of a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software a good alternative to Office. Inexpensive, it is easy to use and compatible with the Microsoft suite.

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The selection eLaptopComputer

Sun Openoffice.org 2.2.1

Free office suite compatible Office.

75 stars

Test performed on 13/09/2007

Microsoft Works Suite 2006

software package for the family to very good value for money.

80 stars

Test performed on 03/02/2006

Apple iWork ’08

This office suite acquires a spreadsheet.

78 stars

Test performed on 21/09/2007

Google Documents

An online office suite to share documents.

72 stars

Test performed on 27/09/2007

Microsoft Office 2007

An Office without dropdown menus.

83 stars

Test performed on 28/02/2007