TEAC MP-200: Test and Review

If there is a feature of the TEAC MP-200 is striking at first sight is its compact size close to that of a lighter and a weight of only 35 g. He can easily slip into any pocket and be forgotten. No worries for those who prefer to keep on hand, a carrying strap is supplied with the unit. A little pricey for a 256MB MP3 player, the MP-200 nevertheless offers interesting features like a dictaphone or a line input to encode on the fly any audio source. Connected to a PC, it can even make removable disk office. It’s simple: no driver is required for Windows 2000 / XP. But the transfer software is not provided, which involves going through Winamp (recommended by the brand) or other third party software. It is also unfortunate that TEAC has chosen the USB 1.1 version of the hour or the majority of its competitors -increased oblige- storage capacity adopts USB 2.0. That may include about two minutes to upload an entire album while the same operation takes only thirty seconds with USB 2.0. Also, be aware that MP-200 does not include a battery, power supply requiring a type LR06 AAA battery for autonomy announced ten. Pretty average when compared to its competitors who offer easily double. Too bad, because these factors are always important when choosing.

Despite a rather successful aesthetic, the MP-200 sins towards manufacturing quality. Fortunately, the TEAC drive catches up on his part that proves excellent quality, which are the volume and audio format (MP3, WMA with DRM or WAV). The front aluminum-is certainly the most beautiful effect, but hides the low-end plastics. A housing all “alu” would have been a much better idea. Poorly finished, the buttons on the player are not very pleasant to the touch. Worse gross external remote on which the headphones are plugged, appears a worrying fragility and unworthy of an MP3 player in this category. It will also pay attention to the small USB plug, unprotected, and that makes it essential to use a cable to exchange files with a PC.

Its front so aluminum is the most beautiful effect and its very convenient remote control, but the finish of the player remains rather sloppy.

The MP200 is controlled by three control buttons on the side of the unit and left of the OLED display of four lines (brighter and efficient than LCD). They need time to adapt, each acting on several functions. The main button is used both to turn on or turn off the player, to start playback or to start recording. The other two control the transition to the next or previous track, volume, menu and the equalizer. What disconcerted by more than one at first. You can play songs in the order of the imported list, or randomly (the famous fashion “Shuffle” that inspired Apple for its small flash drive). The MP-200 also lets you choose between five equalizer presets. In terms of recording, encoding an outside source is very good, we can just blame it can be done in WAV format. Regarding the voice recorder, the MP-200, with an integrated microphone, offers the possibility of carrying up to 16 hours of recording. A good point qu’appr├ęcieront reporters’ or in the air heads requiring amount of voice notes. The bad point is the poor recording quality. And to move from one recording to another, it must be lost in a very intuitive interface.

Finally, the MP-200 leaves us hungry. It certainly shows many features, but TEAC seems to have ended in a hurry her little MP3 player. If you ignore the cheap plastic look and do not need the voice recorder, it nevertheless prove a good choice. It may, however, for the same price, move to other next-generation products, such as YP-T6 Samsung, Creative Muvo N200 or the superb iPod Shuffle from Apple. They offer, in their own way, a quality and a more mature style.