The large spaces online mail services

Since Google launched its Gmail email service and offered 1 GB to store e-mails, the capacity of boxes to competitors of letters have also increased. Thus, in May the Yahoo and Windows Live Mail, the successor to Hotmail, respectively offer storage space of 1 GB and 2. These three services are struggling against viruses and spam. However, users who want a large mailbox capacity will prefer Google’s Gmail, since it has 2.5 GB of space. Attachments should not exceed 10 MB, however, those who wish to change their usual find in non-finalized versions of Yahoo Mail and Windows Live Mail interface mimics that of a mail program. Moreover, these online services are used just as such: emails can be moved by drag and drop right click to display a context menu.

Gmail does not allow it. However, it facilitates consultation and filing of his couriers. E-mail and responses are thus grouped into a single entity. And classification of messages is not done not by records but with a list of keywords (names) defined by the user. It more accurately categorize your emails manually or automatically assigning them one or more keywords. Finally, Yahoo and Gmail services work with other browsers that Internet Explorer, since they are compatible with Firefox and Opera for example. Finally, listing his qualities, Gmail looks like a better candidate despite less friendly interface.

The selection eLaptopComputer

Google Gmail

The Google mail service

80 stars

Test performed on 17/10/2007

Yahoo mail

A webmail with unlimited storage

75 stars

Test performed on 01/10/2007

Windows Live Hotmail

Courier successor to Hotmail

72 stars

Test performed on 18/10/2007