The license fee soon extended from the small screen to all screens?

While French households are acquiring fewer TVs, and more and more secondary screens – tablets, smartphones, computers – the government is considering ways to offset the financial losses related to the abolition of advertising on France Télévisions. Even extend the license fee to other screens of the house. A discussion started long ago, that risk of controversy if it results in the discussion around the finance bill for 2016 by the end of September.

Fleur Pellerin, Minister of Culture and Communication to think “broadening the base” of the license fee by applying to smartphone screens, tablets and computers.

An unpopular and shifted tax uses

How to offset the fiscal gap of French media since the abolition of advertising on France Televisions? This is the issue between two visions in government these days. Bercy offers directly increase the license fee, currently 136 euros, 3 to 5 euros, while the Minister of Culture, Fleur Pellerin offers “broadening the base” of this contribution. ” Broaden the tax base, or impact the owners of secondary screens, smartphones holders, tablets and computers that declare to have no TV. The license fee for all? Already deeply unpopular, increasing the contribution to the license fee could annoy more than one, as habits are turning to a decline in daily television consumption, and more to an increase in consulting these secondary screens, exactly.

The economist Gérard Thoris told the BBC her doubts about the legitimacy of this increase: “Originally, the fee had legitimacy because television was what is called in economics a” public good “that the issuer could not control the receiver. The tax was therefore the only way that people pay for this service. ” “Today, issuers have control over who can access programs, and we see the development offers, Canal + Netflix, whose annual cost is also largely the amount of the fee. There is no reason that public broadcasting does not offer him as programs that people will have to pay only if they want to watch. ”

It remains to take into account a single account to oppose a contradiction in this simple little tax to be applied: the user must declare watch TV programs on a secondary display, while these programs are precisely in free circulation by the chains. Some countries like Germany have already applied to this device. For information, here which devices are affected by this tax now, according to the website

The materials can give rise to the payment of the contribution to public broadcasting are

– Clearly identifiable devices such as televisions

– And associated devices, that is to say the material or devices combining several materials interconnected wireless and enabling the reception of signals, images or sounds, electromagnetically.

Thus, VCRs, DVD players or DVD recorders players, projectors, when equipped with a tuner and associated with a screen or other media of vision are similar to a TV. By cons, micro-computers with a TV card for the TV reception is not taxable. The end of September will be an opportunity to discuss the implementation of this new system at the 2016 finance bill.