The new packages Virgin Mobile will arrive on 19 February

Virgin Mobile is preparing to revise its fee schedule, according to information reported by our colleagues Freebox Universe. The Full MVNO should, according to the grid they publish today, remove one of his crimes but also lower the tariff for access to 4G.

Virgin Mobile has not quite finished with its 3G + capped at 3.6 Mbps, but still seems to attach to democratize 4G. More affordable prices are thus expected, particularly through a formula 5GB H + 42 Mbps and 4G with 1GB of data in Europe, calls, unlimited SMS and MMS to 24.99 euros without smartphone nor commitment. Previously, to benefit from such a subscription, you had to pay 29.99 euros a month. Similarly with XL formula, that is to say, with a commitment of 24 months and the grant of a high-end smartphone, it will take 49.99 euros instead of 52.99 euros today. And between the two, but with commitment for the grant of a little less high-end smartphone, it will be possible to opt for a formula type “M” to 34.99 euros.

4G from 19.99 euros per month

Similarly, a package “M” dedicated to the Formula 3 GB H + / 4G will be offered: it will take on a rate of 19.99 euros without commitment, to 29.99 euros in M ​​version, and 39.99 euros XL with a type of smartphone. In passing, note appears a package 3h accompanied by 1GB of data 3G + for EUR 9.99 per month with no commitment, or 19.99 euros each smartphone with subsidy, the same package currently have 2 hours of calls .

If the fee schedule for Virgin Mobile looks set to be a little more to the advantage of the Subscriber, note, however, that the formula VIP 4h with 5 GB of data in H + / 4G, 1GB Europe and SMS / unlimited MMS to 19.99 euros and 29.99 euros without commitment with 24-month commitment goes out the window. See you next February 19 for confirmation of the new pricing structure, which will join the new packages of SFR, but also the new Orange and Bouygues Telecom in the special register of the European roaming.