The new phone app for Android and blue color leakée by Google

Google has tweeted a screenshot of the future version of the application for Android phone. On the menu: the color!

A Twitter user has requested assistance Nexus Google account. The support team has sent back a screen shot to help the user to solve his problem. And this screenshot is not from a current version of Android. Google has made fuiter, voluntarily or not, the appearance of the phone application of future versions of Android: it’s blue!

There are two differences from the current version of Android. The top of the application where the contact picture and the action bar is located, separates from gray to turn blue. The bar also gives up the handset icon to simplify the design of the whole. The business icon changes, appears thinner and can better distinguish the two buildings.

The current version of the application

The application Google phone is currently available on Nexus and Google Play Edition devices as well as the Moto X. This new version may be available on other devices but it is not known how updating Android this new version of the application will be distributed. Google looks set to full color action bars, like this yellow bar in Keep since the last update of the application.