The new update includes the latest emoji SwiftKey of the moment

SwiftKey has updated its keyboard on the Play Store. Besides the traditional slew of bug fixes, the new version also adds new emoji … At however provided you have a smartphone installed Android Marshmallow.

The new update to SwiftKey concerns unfortunately especially the owners of an Android smartphone Marshmallow in its 6.0.1 version is, according to latest official figures, less than 0.7% of Android users. More concretely, it is essentially the owners of a Nexus smartphone HTC recent or who can access it immediately.

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Which is a shame because the new version of SwiftKey keyboard adds a new in-dis-pen-sa-ble: new emoji long promised by Google (and added since the end of last year the Nexus). The lion, unicorn and crab are available as well alongside taco and salvation Vulcan. A whole program. These new emoji also appear in a small pop-up in the first launch of the keyboard (on a compatible device, of course).

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The rest of the news is pretty standard. SwiftKey Android now supports fully Marshmallow and permission system, fixes some bugs (no longer seek to initiate a correction when you will type “www” to write a url) and improves management of space. This update is already available on the Play Store.

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