The next features to expect in WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the leading instant messaging services, prepares its future. Its beta channel provides a glimpse of future application enhancements.

The application star instant messaging WhatsApp what she was talking about this week not to its new features, but for financial unstoppable argument: as of this year, the app gives up its subscription system (0, 89 euro per year or 0.99 dollar) for a transition to a completely free model. In fact, it does not change much, since there are very few mobile users to have to pay their annual tribute to WhatsApp, clearly not a stickler for this mode of monetization.

However, the title of which Facebook owns not abated in terms of tests to integrate future updates. The most motivated can also try these options become by joining the beta of the application channel. Which provides access, with some advance, some of the features that are to be integrated into the mainstream version of the service, at least if these trials are successful. The key, which can be expected to enter service in the coming months.

Encryption end to end

This option and unearthed the end WhatsApp beta parameters bottom by a user of the application (which of course has published its screenshots on Google+), in its version 2.12.413 and on a smartphone ROOTE only. Encryption end to end on WhatsApp, that is to say from the phone to the sender and the recipient’s, was the subject of rumors in recent months, and it therefore finds that is at least the subject of work in the WhatsApp development team. It also offers users who test the display in their conversations (written and spoken) an indicator showing whether they are encrypted from end to end.

Note that if the option is implemented in the final version of WhatsApp is great news for the security of data exchanged, as theoretically “WhatsApp and third parties” can not see. Instead, she just signs the late WhatsApp customers in the crosshairs of service for months.

The sharing of information with WhatsApp Facebook

No surprise, since Facebook bought WhatsApp two years ago, the latest beta of WhatsApp offers an option, located in the account settings. Dubbed “Share my account info” (share my account information), it aims to provide data related to the social network WhatsApp “to improve your Facebook experience.” If you have refused to provide such network audit your phone number, so better be worth ensuring that this option will remain disabled.

The video conversations

We talk since the end of last year, as a logical evolution of WhatsApp Messenger, since March 2015 that includes voice calls. The app, in the previous version of the beta (dated December 2015) showed, after a German user of its beta for iOS, a video calling system for FaceTime. The feature would be based not only on WiFi, but occasionally also on the mobile network of the user.