The next Freebox would finally an Android TV

The next Freebox can not delay on the French market, as announced by Xavier Niel in early summer. And according to our information, the company will make a surprising choice: to run, before a v7 Freebox, an Android TV box.

Little information has yet transpired, at a time when non Universe Freebox colleagues realize a survey asking their readers what they think Free projects to the next box. According to our sources, very well informed, it may very surprised that we reserve Xavier Niel takes a Freebox TV on Android, this same OS presented by Mountain View at its last Google I / O. Alongside this box, there is no doubt that, as advertised, a Freebox v7 will be launched in 2015.

Freebox surprise, the Android TV!

The era of cohabitation she rang? Free (Iliad) still performing strongly on its ISP subscriber base, but will have to rely shortly on the Miami Project to Bouygues Telecom, also on Android, as well as the RED Box SFR with Google Play. If Free has always been used to highlight its home interface and applications, duplication of its offer would allow it to compete with the onslaught from competitors by responding to customer demand preferring Android, but also to those who prefer the classic Box.

One can imagine that, according to the area to be guarded – a priori still the heart of business, or the Freebox v (x), one of the two boxes will receive a discount. Still, if our sources are found, it will be for once the real “revolution” since Free break its output rate, inserting a UFO product between its Freebox v6 and v7. Knowing the habits of Iliad, amateur surprises well felt, this “Droidbox” would not surprise.

First taken into TV Android hand