The next version of Google Messenger is heading for customization

While an imperceptible updated with the number 1.0.123 was deployed yesterday by Google, a second upgrade to Messenger application is in the starting blocks. On the menu a bit more customization.

The upcoming update to the app Messenger put on details, but nice details. The messaging application Google simplissime but not perfect – unfortunately it lacks the display of messages received in the form of pop-up, for example – is gradually improving. This is particularly the case of the display of contacts since in case of number not stored in the mobile user directory, or simply lacking a profile picture, Messenger far randomly chose the color that was associated with it. For contacts with a photo, bubbles conversations inspired with more or less success to the dominant color of the avatar.

In its 1.0.130 version of which our colleagues of Android Police have posted APK pending nearby deployment, it is possible to visit the “Participants and options” of a conversation. Next to the contact’s phone number, click on the small icon shaped now displayed palette allows access to a wide choice of colors. This is already something gained. And alongside this a little further customization, Google improves the transition from the conversation list and a line of specific discussion hitherto lacking fluidity. Everything should arrive in the coming hours on smartphones using the application.

On the Play Store, Messenger is available at this address.