The Nexus S is available from Bouygues Telecom

Samsung / Google Nexus S is available from Bouygues Telecom, from € 149.90.

Following SFR and Virgin Mobile, Bouygues Telecom is just to sell the Google Nexus S. It is available from today on the website. Brand Clubs will the smartphone, from the end of the week. Note that this will be the version with Super Clear LCD (SLCD).

Several packages are offered

From € 149.90 with All-in-One & ideo ideo 24/24

From € 149.90 with a package

From € 349.90 with a blocked package Universal Mobile

From € 479.90 with Bouygues Telecom card

Note that a refund offer (ODR) 80 € is proposed. This requires buy the phone before March 31 and take a package (not classical)

Be a new customer with number portability

Place a subscription card or Universal Mobile

The € 80 will be refunded within 2 months. The voucher is downloadable here.

Thank you to BTnicodroid!