The options of the new RED by SFR packages in detail

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The data options

The travel option

Many options


Higher revenues


Last night, SFR has unveiled new offers RED. He also took the opportunity to review the brand image through the green instead of red. The operator also has just put online rates valid from today. The opportunity to return in detail about the new paid features that have appeared.

The new offerings from RED by SFR are roughly similar to the old if we stick to the guidelines. The operator, however, built a new package to 9.99 euros per month to the range and offers a discount of 10.99 euros per month on the package at 25.99 euros to the first 100 000 customers. The package to 9.99 euros is rather strange since this is the only one that does not include any data and therefore require to go through the options. The idea is to offer many paid options to customize their package.

The options for data

The option that will surely be the most used mobile regards s data. For the first three packages, exceeding the quota (respectively 50, 0 and 500 MB) will trigger the billing of Internet charging 1 euro 20 MB for the first two packages and 1 euro for 50 MB for the package 12, 99 euros per month. You can buy maximum four refills for a total of 80 and 200 MB after which the internet will simply cut off. On the package to 9.99 euros, however it is possible to subscribe to the Zen option to 1 euro per month can enjoy 50 MB of data. On packages with 5 and 15 GB of data, this is the technique of clamping connection speed applies.

To avoid unpleasant surprises on the bill, it is possible to block the packages for 1 per s me then unblock calls to premium rate numbers and to other international for 1 euro per month. There is also an option to carry unused minutes to the next month within the limit of one month for 2 euros per month.

Roaming: the Travel Option

For international, all plans – except RED Mini – include calls to France and landlines in 52 destinations, with mobile for North America and overseas (except for Mayotte) . The limit is the same as for France with three hours per call and 200 corresponding month. For roaming, no package only includes the use of the package at the International and it must pass through the Travel Option 2 euros per month for the privilege. This is only available with packages 5 and 15 GB and allows to use the whole package (call, SMS / MMS and data) in Europe and overseas, within 15 days a year. Beyond those 15 days a year, calls will be charged 23 cents per minute, the data 24 cents per MB, 7 cents per SMS and 24 cents per MMS. It is also possible to disable the (free) SFR travel to avoid billing abroad.

Finally, the Travel option may be less interesting than what was done with RED since customers of the offer to 25.99 euros per month were entitled to 5GB per year, and SMS / MMS unlimited. It was however not rely on calls – unless you go through a software solution such as Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, etc. – And do not be too greedy in data on short stays. Travel option however has the merit of proposing roaming from the package to 9.99 euros per month.

Options shovel

SFR offers many options as diverse and varied, but nothing new compared to the old RED packages that had however given the option prices increase. We find the Blackberry and SFR TV option for each 2 euros per month 2 GB additional Internet for 5 euros per month on packages 5 and 15 GB, 7 euros per month on the package 500 MB and 10 euros per month RED RED 3 hours and unlimited. For multimedia fans, there is the Napster Premium option (streaming music) to 9.95 euros per month Zive (SVOD) for 9.99 euros per month. The cloud is also present with 1GB included in all packages and 100 GB option for 3 euros per month. The latter is currently offered on the RED without it is known site if this promotion is temporary or not. There is also the option Double call at 2 euros per month. Finally, our p dwellings that leave little pass the waves of cellular networks, SFR offers free femtocell, with still 99 euros provision charges.

Less multipack discounts

RED Fibre subscribers always receive promotions on mobile subscriptions, but rates are less advantageous. Thus, the operator proposes 4.99 euros per month reduction by combining an ADSL Internet subscription or fiber with a mobile subscription. With older subscriptions, SFR offered up to 10 euro discount.

A slight price increase

One final, we are therefore witnessing a rise in prices indirectly. Indeed, ticket price does not move, but wants SFR surely increase the average revenue per user by pushing for the use of certain options, including Internet refills on two smaller packages but also the Travel Option to use his package in Europe.