The PC version of VLC 3.0 finally bear Chromecast

The next version of VLC for computer, version 3.0, will finally allow you to stream video content to Chromecast. A novelty that does not respect the Android application.

The recent publication of a changelog of the next version of VLC, at least in its desktop version, suggests that the media player will support indeed Chromecast. For new version, however, requires hear the version 3.0, an even higher to version 2.2 of the famous software, that is, too, still not available. This version of VLC concerns only the desktop version, only to Windows, Mac and Linux.

On the Android version, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, primarily responsible for VLC indicated on the Google+ page of Android Police that version 1.1.0 will be available this week and it will be based on libVLC 3.0.0. It also indicates that support the Chromecast version for the application is not on the agenda because too buggy. “The problem is that Chromecast is good when it comes to searching for information when we want to send. We then need to convert all the media, which is very difficult. ”

The problem is not so much that VLC current limitations of Chromecast. In fact, the key is not able to read all formats, and requires going through a remote server when VLC wants her to come pick directly in the files of the mobile. Currently, the Chromecast is simply capable of decoding H.264 and VP8. VLC developers must find a way to work around this limitation on mobile devices. He will have to wait, then.