The Play Days: 28 apps to 0.50 on the Play Store

The Play Days are not finished on the Google Play Store and the app store now offers 28 apps on sale for 50 cents each.

Either it had escaped when we had addressed the Play Days or this promotion is very recent. The Google Play Store appears in fact 28 applications reduction, only 50 cents.

We still have the feeling that the apps offered have not changed since 2010 (exaggerating a bit), and it is not originality that stifles Google with this selection.

It will therefore be our little market among photo editing applications (SuperPhoto Full, Paper Camera, Cameringo +, Color Effect Photo Editor Pro …) or utility-type applications (FlightTrack 5, Today Calendar Pro, Nova Launcher Prime …), and even some apps dedicated to children. But we would have liked to find some games, and some more famous names.