The Play Store application can now accommodate 100 MB

Google now revising the application upload requirements on the Play Store by developers. They can now go up to 100 MB

Google today announced a revision of the Play Store usage rules, for the attention of developers. When the latter were allowed to upload files with a size of 50 MB, they are now allowed to pass 100 MB file, which can always be combined with “Expansion Files” is -to say additional files to download from the first installation of the application. The files themselves can not exceed a quota maintained to 4GB, as was defined in 2012. As for applications in themselves, note that the limit of 50 MB is always for applications for Android devices 3.2 or earlier, while applications approaching 100MB will target turning devices at least as Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0).

Even as Google will present this evening very officially Android 6.0 Marshmallow, accompanied by new Nexus which will be the ambassadors, we know that the new version of the OS will allow the user to install applications to choose the internal memory phone or tablet, or on its memory card. Even if the internal storage of the phones tends to increase, so installing applications on a microSD can pose problems quickly and involves not remove it from the terminal with caution, it is still good news, especially in games framework for detailed graphics. Google insists moreover, in its announcement of the day, the power of today’s smartphones.

“We understand that developers are challenged to provide a pleasant user experience that exploits the hardware of the terminal, but we also ensure that their users can download, install and open these applications as quickly as possible. It is a delicate Équilibra to maintain, especially when you are targeting a diverse audience, spread around the world, “said Kobi Glick, the Google Play team. For the rest, the Play Store’s terms and conditions remain unchanged.