The redesign of Google Play seems like a good idea

An agency specializing in web design embarked on a communication exercise: imagine a redesign of Google Play, through all the web pages of the platform.

Google Play Home

Through a dedicated mini site, the agency unveils his work. The choice of typography to models, we arrive at a proposal which seems to be a significant improvement of existing Play Store. This redesign seems to take into account much of the complexity of the information architecture, user flows, and old screens. We have selected some models, you can discover all of the redesign on the dedicated website. Of course, the Flatata agency was not commissioned by Google, it is a communication exercise.

Who knows … it will allow Google to realize the need to change the design of its platform.

Google Play Movies

Overhaul of the music player

Redesigned a page editor Apps

Redesign of Google Play Books

Redesign of a page dedicated to a game