The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 enfilerait also the Batman mask

Like the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy Note 7 would also declined in a version “Injustice Edition” in the colors of Bat Man of DC Comics, Batman.

In May, Samsung presented a version of its Galaxy S7 edge designed in partnership with Warner Bros. Scheduled to promote the game Injustice: Gods Among Us, the smartphone sported the Batman logo and a dedicated theme using the colors of the Black Knight with a wallpaper of the Bat Man and modified icons. It seems that this collaboration is always rigorous and another phone of the South Korean brand is entitled to the same treatment soon.

On Weibo, China’s largest social network, a member posted photos of a Galaxy Note 7 in the colors of billionaire superhero. Like the S7 edge, the device disclosed here is black and wears her back to the logo of the secret identity of Bruce Wayne in gold. Its software part was also changed accordingly with images related to the DC Comics universe, both on the desktop and in the menus and icons darker than usual.

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For now, Samsung has not confirmed this model, but it is anyway very likely so that it is not intended for the French territory. Indeed, the special edition of Galaxy S7 edge is output in some countries, including China, South Korea, Singapore and Russia. Pity.