The Samsung Gear VR has a million monthly users

According Oculus, the Samsung Gear VR would be used by a million people a month, proof if it is virtual reality finds its audience curious.

At an event in San Francisco, Max Cohen, head of the mobile division at Oculus, gave very promising figures for the future of virtual reality. Indeed, the man confirmed that the Gear VR, in partnership with Samsung, has been used by over a million users last month.

However, Max Cohen not talking about sales figures, but only users. We must therefore put these results, which may vary if helmets are used with many mobile or not, since these data are recorded from phones connecting to a Gear VR.

But users should now become a regular for this virtual reality helmet, the latest version is trading for about 100 euros, and that was as much distributed in a pack including the Samsung Galaxy S7.

And the goal of manufacturers is indeed democratize virtual reality. One also used by Google technology, which offers a very economical approach to the subject with her Cardboard. We should also have a new version at the Google I / O 2016. It should also know that it is Google who developed the application Tilt Brush that we could try when testing the HTC Vive.