The tablet market is once again at the lowest

Strategy Analytics has published a study on the tablet market. And not surprisingly, continues its free fall.

It is now a time that the end of the tablet market is discussed, and it seems that fateful actually approach. He just has to see the latest figures from Strategy Analytics, which indicates that the first quarter 2016 was the worst in shipping tablets since the third quarter of 2012. Over this period, sales declined further 10% compared to those of last year and it is sold only 46.5 million of such devices.

But there is a constructor that exception. Also according to Strategy Analytics, the top 5 tablets vendors, Huawei is the only one to have experienced growth during the quarter. Strong growth too, since the Chinese firm would have passed 66% more than tablets the same period last year. A given to be compared with the narrowness of its catalog, where references, out MediaPad M2 and T2, are rare.

Conversely, the great representative of the tablet market is in bad shape. Indeed, Apple posted a decline in shipments of 19% compared to the first quarter of last year, and had to settle for 10.3 million shipped iPad. On Android tablets, the fall is steep with 30 million tablets shipped, against 35.9 million last year.

The consulting firm, however, that the consumer interest in tablets is now based on the premium and hybrid appearance. Thus, products like the iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface tablets, or Huawei MateBook should have a brighter future.