The white paper professional mobile applications

Orange Business Services (OBS), a structure dedicated to business solutions (infrastructure, services, applications) within the operator Orange, has published a white paper for free download attempting to answer the question: “When, why and how deploy mobile solutions within their business. ”

It is not a question of praising one or another operating system, but to provide a set of reflection points for the company to consider deploying its mobile business solution. The type of application described here does not concern the application showcase his store, but most of those that allow the company to make earnings, to be pro active and monitor developments: CRM, financial applications, …

The issues (non-exhaustive list!)

what applications are used?

what used?

What equipment?

what operating system

This white paper, free, free download, provide the answers to DSI or company director, posed questions about the real utility of such an investment for their business. The book is very well done, can be a little short – we would have liked, for example, qu’OBS put forward one OS over another, even if it is shown that taking a Linux or Android system is interesting for opening the system.

Examples of business applications in the form of case studies, are also detailed: maintenance application, council, life insurance, local police …

The abstract of this paper is that a mobile solution is equal to financial benefits + + customer experience and employee innovation.

Source: Media OBS