The Withings Go is now available and costs 69.95 euros

Withings today announced the availability of its latest tracker of business: Go A bracelet as a small watch, which adopts an e-ink screen..

This is a time now that Withings has been quiet on the market for connected objects. Fortunately, in this Tuesday, May 10, the company made a small foray into the news with the announcement of the immediate availability of Withings GB bracelet logged whose peculiarity is that it is a team of e screen -ink black and white. A technology supposed to make it very tough, and also makes an entry product line, which sells at low prices.

Exactly, now we know very officially the price of the device. It will therefore cost 69.95 euros to get hold of it, and the bracelet is already available on the website of the brand. You can choose from five colors (black, blue, red, yellow, green), but noted that stocks are limited and that shipments are in one to two weeks. The bracelet should also be referenced soon at other online retailers.

Preview at CES 2016, the Withings GB had struggled to convince us really with her look “pretty bold.” The object is capable of tracker your daily activities and night, is water resistant to 50 meters, and offers a range of 8 months since it is supplied not by a battery but by a button bile.

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