Tinkering connected with PhoneWorks

Specialist power tools and motorized equipment for the garden Ryobi PhoneWorks launches a range of measuring instruments connected to the smartphone.

PhoneWorks measurement tools by Ryobi

Five measurement tools compatible smartphone

So far, the company was mainly Ryobi drills, screwdrivers, sanders, saws, planers and routers and even trimmer and portable trimmers.

To complete its range, it now offers five measurement tools compatible with a smartphone (iOS or Android): a laser rangefinder (99.99 euros), a humidity sensor (59.99 euros), a cross laser level ( 39.99 euros and 49.99 euros without a tripod with tripod), an infrared thermometer (99.99 euros) and an inspection camera (129.99 euros).

With these tools, it becomes possible to collect, transmit and share the measurements taken when working from their smartphone, SMS or email.

A removable fixing system

To perform the measurement, accurate Ryobi he simply install the adjustable mounting system on the smartphone, download the free application and inform the products that we will use. With each new product installation, a guide will be available to the user to accompany his taking action. The tools are fixed on the smartphone using its outlet with a removable fastening system.

Most useful for the handyman, it is the archiving of measures implemented and their collection in the application’s database, of course, but especially the advice type information, videos and guides to accompany him during his work. It also can take a photo and attach it to a measure more accurately. Measurements can be cataloged by location data, audio commentary and additional notes.

The application Ryobi PhoneWorks, coupled with tools, is however far from a design pattern, and displays the low rating of 2.5 out of 5 on the Google Store. Involved, bugs and many compatibility issues put forward by the users, however, from before his last updated on June 16, in time for its European launch.

If you have the opportunity to test the measurement tools and the latest version of the app, feel free to send us your comments.