Tips: The Meizu M2 at 94 euros, offered with headphones

Among the few smartphones currently available for less than 100 euros, there is a small model quite respectable, about 94 euros: the Meizu M2, aged less than a year and sympathetic design.

While the M3 has just been made official in China, and its international version is looming for France by the end of summer, the Meizu M2 is currently at good prices. It is especially in CDiscount found the device initially charged 179 euros at its output last year. Today it is possible to get to 93.26 euros.




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The smartphone has a HD screen 5 inches, a MediaTek SoC 1.3 GHz and a 13 megapixel camera (without support of the band 800 MHZ 4G), is currently charged 123.26 euros. However, until tomorrow included a refund offer provided by Meizu provides 30 euro discount on the device (details here). A pair of headphones Meizu EP-21 are also provided with the phone, proposed in its white version.

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